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   You are weak, Son of El. Unsure of yourself. The fact that you possess a sense of morality and we do not gives us an evolutionary advantage. And if history has proven anything, it is that evolution always wins.

Hailing from the DC comics universe, and most recently featured in the film, Man of SteelFaora-Ul is a kryptonian sub-commander, under the command of General Zod. Bred solely for the purpose of being a soldier, Faora commands presence and power, ruthlessness and relentlessness all in one.

Pitted as one of the antagonists to Superman and all things good, Faora is one of the few remaining kryptonians in search of a new world to begin the beginnings of a new Krypton. With the mun’s portrayal of such a powerful and daunting muse, she is absolutely believable in her mannerisms, expressions, and sometimes, shenanigans. 

With various interactions and crafted verses and AU’s, writing together has created means of entertainment and fun. Not to mention, sometimes I often wonder if the mun is actually, in fact, her muse. (I mean, really.)

Overall, if you’re looking for an accurate portrayal of a villainous muse, you’ve come to the right blog, along with a mun who is an absolute blast to have as a friend.

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Antje Traue | Photographed by: Gregory Harris

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Have you looked at Destiny? Like the game


//I’ve been playing that and Mass Effect 2 fairly constantly while on hiatus.

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Hope you're doing better, you're seriously awesome :)


//I’m just taking a break. I’ll be back when divine-clarity comes back from vacation.

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"Ma is there gonna be pizza left or did you eat it all? Mom ordered 3 large ones for Rao's sake!"


"YES! By Rao, I swear she will never let me live that down…"

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"Mom is it true you and ma were both trapped on space ships at one time?"


"Yes, baby. Mommy and I have both been trapped on space ships… Although under very different circumstances." Faora paused before letting out a long sigh. "I wish I could have saved Mommy from that place…"

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Seeing those pics my first thought probs shouldn't have been "Who would win in a fight?" But now I can't stop thinking about it O_o (Love your Nadia btw, your costuming magics are truly formidable! <3)


//thank you so much. I truly feel more comfortable and natural as Nadia as opposed to Faora. It’s a different feeling.

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okay- nvm Man of Steel pack launches 11/11/14 same as the game.


//oh I know lol. I work for GameStop ;)

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//I really see the resemblance now that my facebook has been updated… Antje, I am your doppelganger. 

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